MS in analytics vs. MS in industrial mathematics

i am a college senior graduating with a major in finance and a minor in business analytics. i am weighing my options for this upcoming summer. i have a heavy interest in big data and data analysis but do not know which direction i want to go. i come from a small no name school where a masters would help greatly (so far all my experience has been in wealth management).

the way i look at it i have two options

  1. i take extra classes to learn C++, Java, and SQL (already know python) in the winter semester (winter 2017). take the summer to study for my gmat and apply for winter of a ms of analytics for winter of 2018
  2. i take extra classes in the winter 2017 semester and learn linear algebra and differential equations. take the summer to study for my gre and then apply for a ms in industrial mathematics for winter of 2018.

the ms in analytics is extremely competitive while the ms in industrial mathematics is also competitive, i like my odds of admission better. my finance (major) gpa is 3.7, my minor gpa (business analytics) is 3.8 while my overall gpa is 3.33. Admission to both these program is a minimum of 3.0 gpa

Asked on October 22, 2016 in Education.
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